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NaiWorld Egypt, established since 2005, is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Business Solutions to Africa, Middle East and Europe regions

NaviWorld Egypt is a complete provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications ..

  • mid-sized companies and Enterprises
  • ERP and CRM solutions catering for various sectors
  • Distribution, Retail, Services and Manufacturing

NaviWorld has been able to understand the thoughts behind their needs, understand the flow and acquire the process knowledge of various industries.

NaviWorld has been able to understand the thoughts behind their needs, understand the flow and acquire the process knowledge of various industries.

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Microsoft Bussiness Central OR Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Facts you Must know.

Business Centeral Started in Europe Market in 1982 , Version 1.0 with classic Database , AKA "Navision"

  • Microsoft Acquestion for Navision Company 2002 with 1.8 Billion US Dollars
  • in 2002 90 thousands client with more than 1 million users and 3000 Partners worldwide
  • in year 2018 Total No of Cients using Business Central more than 120000k
  • Business Central uses a different concepts and technology , all these starts from Database Structre as Financial DataBase

Easy To Learn , Easy To Maintain , No Consultant needed for closing activity Inventory Tracking Managment Multi-Currency Financial Reporting 99 Legal Entitiy Easy To Devlope New Add-ons 100% Compatable with all Microsoft products such as Office and sharepoint. built in CRM ability to maintain more than Financial reporting systems (GAP or IFSR).



Naviworld Provides it's services as our client satsfiaction is to be fullfilled

Business Central License

Business Central License


Profisional System Analysis Including GAPS And resolutions , Business Central All versions Implementation , Localizations

Vertical Soultions

Retail, Marble , Chimical , Distributions , Egypt Localization , Arabic Interface , With holding Tax (WHT) and others

Infra Structure

HardWare Windows Servers and SQL , Network , Routers , Switchs and Firewalls ..etc

ERP Financial Data troubleshooting

Profissional in Manintaining Financial data results and Enhancing old ERP implementions including Automatic Corrections

Data Migration Add-Ons

We Developed Powerfull tools which achives automatic Data Migration between old systems and Dynamics NAV , Busines Central

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Business Central

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  • All
  • Standard
  • Localizations
  • Vertical Soultions

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Vertical Soultions

Marble Industry

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NaviWorld Egypt team belives in Making the use of ERP different , they establish concepts always maintain quality and never go to apply without testing,

NaviWorld Egypt For it's client not a vendor we are Partners , and has it is own methodology

Alaa Saad

Managing Director

Hossam Mohamed

Senior Financial Consultant

Atia Mostafa

Financial Consultant

Amro Sadany Project Manager


Microsoft Business Central Pricing Depends on No. of concurrent user , Type of Database (On prime or Cloud) , Size of the Organizations below is sample of startibg up prices

Free Demo

$0 / month

  • 4000 Transactions
  • Financials Module
  • Production Module
  • Service Module
  • Localizations

Advanced Managment

$400 / month

  • 98 Companies
  • Unlimited No Of Transactions
  • License Per Concurrent user
  • Advanced
  • Localizations

What makes Microsoft Business Central Differance

Microsoft Business Central AKA Navision , is the most speedy and relabile ERP in the market it does not requier sphosticated Hardwar or Peopleware

  • Speed

    you will find that the product flies. There have been several cases studies with Millions of transactions proves that Business Central is the best performance.

  • Sum Index Flow Technology” (SIFT). With SIFT technology, every time a transaction is posted anywhere within Navision, all customer, vendor, account, and item totals are updated automatically for each day, week, month, quarter, and year.

  • s designed in such a way that it maintains database integrity, even if the power is cut unexpectedly during a posting routine. For example, assume that you are posting a large batch of 500 transactions in MBS Navision.

  • s highly customizable, with perhaps the best mix of “ease of customization” and “power of customization” available anywhere. Today you will find that most of the top accounting packages are highly customizable. The general idea is that the product is supposed to meet 80% to 85% of your needs right out of the box, and you use the built-in customization tools to meet the remaining 10% to 15% of your needs.

  • developed in C/SIDE. and AL It is a 100% graphical environment that, like the application, has a graphical user interface. As far as programming environments go, MBS Navision is widely considered to be top notch. It is this underlying technology that lends the product to powerful customization.

  • Microsoft Business Central AKA Dynamics NAV or Navision , is the best ERP when it coming to select your hardware , it does not requier high configration servers , it is the lowest investmnet in hardware without losing the reliable performace



No. 66 Abo Elfoutoh Buildings aprt 2


+2 3589 4139

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